Owen Gray

Owen Gray

Owen Gray is among the most popular performers in the (heterosexual) BDSM scene. He entered the adult business by attending numerous public shoots at Kink and eventually applied to be a model with them on their website. The gentleman with the signature  scar, a large Y shaped scar that stretches from his shoulders down his chest,is not only into body modification and tattoos, he explores the relation between pleasure and pain with an open mind, always trying to expand his sexual interests.

I haven’t really tried to identify myself as one thing,” says Gray. “The loosest term that I would say I could identify with is ‘queer’. I don’t perform gay scenes. I’ve been with predominantly women but I’ve been with guys, I’ve been with trans girls and trans guys. I’m pretty fluid.

Beside his career as an actor, Owen is also a skilled artisan who creates clothings, masks and lamps. He lives together with his wife in an open relationship.


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