Captive starring Amber Nevada and Owen Gray

Captive, starring Amber Nevada and Owen Gray nude in a BDSM Submission fantasy video, shot in a Berlin club, directed by LucieBlush for LucieMakesPorn.

Captive | Dark Sex  in the basement of a Berlin club.

Amber Nevada is kidnapped and trapped in a dark basement by a cruel criminal, convincingly played by Owen Gray. Amber, tied up, gagged, and soon completely nude, will have to rely on her instincts to get out of this dangerous situation…

Director (and self-declared one-girl army for a better porn) Lucie Blush, together with director of photography Poppy Sanchez, created an intense and impressive short. Supported by a delicate light work, a deep score by Mohit Anini, and the good chemistry between the performers, the team made Captive a captivating, cinematographic gem.

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