Kristen Scott

Schoolgirl Bukkake | Kristen Scott and Mary sharing the Facials

Schoolgirl Bukkake | Kristen Scott and Mary enjoy 27 Facial Cumshots while masturbating each other.

Cum Fetishistas Kristen Scott and Mary dress up their Facial Bukkake performance with Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. The ladies kneel on the ground, surrounded by 27 guys, ready to cum on their beautiful faces. As soon as the girls start to finger each others pussy they are showered by an endless stream of cumshots. The girls continue to masturbate each other until they reach orgasms, with their cum covered faces sparkling in the light. Cute Cum Cosplay from SpermMania. … go see

Kristen Scott | Cosplay Bukkake and Masturbation

Facial Bukkake for a Masturbating Cosplay Girl

Cum Fetishista Kristen Scott gives an entrancing Facial Bukkake performance, spiced with cute Cosplay and mesmerizing masturbation. Dressed in a funky, unobtrusive uniform without panty, our heroine leans on a black leather couch in front of many, many men. She masturbates herself into screaming ecstasy with a magic wand while closing her eyes and opening her mouth for the stream of cum to come. She is literally shaking and shivering in orgasms while her face is covered with 28 cumshots. An uncensored Cum and Cosplay fantasy from SpermMania. … go see

Kristen Scott | Fucking for Facials

Kristen Scott’s Sticky Bukkake Facial | 30 Cumshots on her Face

Lovely Kristen, all dressed in white, resides on a black leather couch, surrounded by a bunch of boys. Only one is allowed to undress the lady and arouse her with his tongue and fingers. Soon the now nude girl starts fucking her lover, riding his cock while offering all the other boys the chance to cum on her face. … go see

Kristen Scott | Body Bukkake

Kristen Scott Uses Her Sperm Covered Body to Make You Cum.

California Cum Goddess Kristen Scott enjoys a semen-soaked ride on a cock in this uncensored Body Bukkake performance for Cum Fetish Studio SpermMania. The lovely lady whispers her wishes “I want to be a Mess. Sperm, I want it. Can you give it to me….” while slipping all nude on some lucky cock. The surrounding men are, guess what,  more than happy to fulfill her little wishes. Soon, the sexy girl is covered with cum, dripping from her petite tits over her belly down to her delicious pussy. All that while she is slipping along the cock of her lover. A fine fusion of intercrural sex and Body Bukkake, crowned with a passionate Handjob by Kristen as the icing of the cake. … go see

Kristen Scott’s Butt Bukkake and Cum Rub

Kristen Scott’s Butt Bukkake and Cum Rub

Bukkake Goddess Kristen Scott is all Queen in this Cum Fetish fantasy from SpermMania. The naked lady is holding court, offering eight guys a mouth-watering view on her perfect butt and her smooth, shaved pussy. The gentlemen pay their respect in a shower of cumshots, creating a silver white river of um that flows between her butt cheeks, over her pussy and down her long and lovely legs. … go see

Kristen Scott’s Cum Lubed Pussy

Kristen Scott’s Cum Covered Pussy Fucked (again)

The guys at Cum Fetish and Bukkake studio SpermMania don’t waste their time by developing fancy titles for their films, instead they simply use a clear description. Thus, this Cum Lube Sex extravaganza carries the same title as this fine performance by California actress Kristen Scott. The main difference is an additional boy for Kristen, counting the cumshots up to eleven. Otherwise it is exactly what you expect. A nude Kristen fucking while her pussy is drenched with cum. A delicious Nakadashi delicacy. … go see

Kristen Scott plus 10 | A Creampie Gangbang

Kristen Scott’s pussy filled with lots of cum | A Creampie Gangbang

California cuteness turned JAV Cum Fetish Idol, Kristen Scott, is taking ten guys at once for a wild Creampie Gangbang. She takes her boys in turns, fucking one at a time and, at the same time, offering Handjobs and Blowjobs for those standing in the queue. Nakadashi (Creampie) Fetish at its best. … go see

The Cum covered Feet of Kristen Scott

Cum covered Feet | Foot Worship for a Foot Fetish Goddess

The title of this delicate Foot Fetish video is a bit misleading. Kristen Scott’s Cum Covered Footjob does not show an actual Footjob (except for some tickling of the balls with her toes). Instead we see the nude beauty offering her long legs and fine feet as an object of desire for the gentlemen.  The gents pay tribute by covering her feet with cum, giving her feet and toes the sparkling crown they deserve. … go see

Kristen Scott’s Cum Covered Pussy Fucked

Kristen Scott Gets Her Pussy Lubed By Ten Cumshots.

Bukkake Idol Kristen is back with another Pussy Bukkake Performance for Cum Fetish Studio SpermMania. While riding the cock of her boy she is surrounded by a group of men. One after the other, they all glaze her wet pussy, one cumshot at a time. … go see

Kristen Scott Sucks with Her Cum Filled Mouth Pussy

Kristen Scott gives nine boys a Cum Group Blowjob.

Californa Cum Fetishista Kristen Scott savours nine cocks in a row, filling her sweet mouth with sperm, one cumshot at a time. The nude lady kneels on the ground, perfectly positioned for any cock to come. She just open her lips, blows, sucks and swallows. An uncensored Cum Fetish Fantasy, delicately executed. … go see

Kristen Scott | Pussy Bukkake

Kristen Scott Gets Her Pussy Drenched with Cum.

Kristen Scott, a lady from California joins the cast of Japanese Cum Fetish studio Sperm Mania with an impressive Pussy Bukkake performance. Fittingly dressed in a schoolgirl uniform an no panties she awaits a group of gentlemen with her legs wide open. After being fucked by thirteen guys she strokes her cum filled pussy in a wild Nakadashi masturbation.

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