Facial Cumshots

Facials, Cum on her Face.

The Facial Cumshot, the sperm on a face, is, in a way, the most iconic pornographic moment. Like a signature written on the face of the receiving person, a closing chord in cum. Like all things sexual, facials are a controversial kink. Some love the look and taste, savoring it  like  a kind of wellness treat, while others consider it degrading (which may as well be a reason to love it). Facials are the most popular cumshots in porn, but have been celebrated long before the dawn of the adult industry. In Asian porn they are an elegant way to serve as a proof of being “real” hardcore even in movies that are heavily pixelated due to censorship regulations.

If you like girls glazed with cum all over their beautiful faces, than this selection is your personal cornutopia of facial fun.

Ria Kurumi’s face sparkles full of sperm

Ria Kurumi | りあくるみ, Cum hungry Goddess of Bukkake and Cosplay gives another classic Facial Bukkake for Spermmania. The petite porn actress S leans back and receives a shower of 21 cumshots that land on her face and slowly drip onto her pussy.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.

Ria Kurumi's Sticky Bukkake Facial. 21 Cumshots on a nude Japanese Cum Fetish girl. Uncensored video from Sperm Mania.
Ria Kurumi for SpermMania.

Sara masturbates blindfolded by Cum

Sweet Japanese Cosplay model Sara offers an extraordinary Facial Bukkake performance. Kneeling nude on the ground, she is all smile and anticipation,  as she receives 30 cumshots on her face. Literally blindfolded by cum she let her fingers do the talking in a mesmerizing masturbation as the icing of the cake.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.

Sara's Sticky Bukkake Facial. A nude Japanese girl receives 30 cumshots on her face. Uncensored Cum Fetish video from Sperm Mania.
Sara for SpermMania.


Mizuki receives 23 Cumshots on her Face.

Bukkake and Cosplay porn model Mizuki becomes blinded by Cum in the video  “Mizuki’s Sticky Bukkake Facial” from Spermmania. The lady, dressed in a white-golden costume with elf ears  masturbates  while offering her wide open mouth to the boys. A kinky fairy that feeds herself with facials.

Mizuki Cosplay Facial Bukkake. A nude Japanese girl receives 23 cumshots on her face while masturbating. Mizuki's Sticky Bukkake Facial, an uncensored Cumshot Fetish video from Spermmania.
Mizuki for Spermmania.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.

Miku Aida & Haruka Suzuno are showered in Facial Bukkake

The two nude Japanese girls are fenced by a double dozen of horny guys. The lovely girls are offering a Blowjob here and a handjob there, and soon both have their faces completely covered in cum from 24 cumshots. Cum Fetish and Facial Bukkake at is finest.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.


Ria Kurumi | Cumshots Overload

Cute Cocksucker Ria Kurumi, wearing her signature Bunny costume is fenced by 24 boys in this Facial Bukkake performance. The Japanese supermodel of Cum Fetish closes her eyes, open her mouth and let the guys cover her face in an endless stream of cum.  A Spermmania video, aptly titled “Ria Kurumi’s Sticky Bukkake Facial”.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.

Ria Kurumi gets Facial Bukkake Cumshots on Face in the uncensored Spermmania Cum Fetish video
Ria Kurumi for SpermMania.

14 Facial Cumshots for a Bukkake Fetishista.

Cosplay and Cum Fetish actress Mizuki gets her face completely glazed with sperm in the video  “Mizuki’s Sticky Bukkake Facial” from Spermmania. The black dressed lady licks her cum covered lips in passion while kneeling among the boys. A sexy and satisfied girl, well-fed by all the facials.

SpermMania | Japanese Cum Fetish, uncensored.

Omar Galanti and Princess Donna fuck their nude Anal sex slave  in a bar for all to see.

Rita is my favorite girl from Russia. I actually love her. She is so hot, and so fun to abuse. Omar Galanti and I fuck the living daylights out of her in a Russian bar. Everyone gets horny and since Steve Holmes was shooting b-cam, you know he was getting some BJ’s in the background too!!! Ass fisting, anal sex, gaping asshole, squirting, public sex, AWESOME!!!

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Cecelia Taylor in “Beat Off The Creeps!”

Cecelia strokes three cocks in an adult store while masturbating. She enjoys the Facial Cumshots and walks with cum on her face in the streets. Public sex at Manojob, home of the Handjob porn.

Since Cecelia is a self-proclaimed “porn freak”, why not go to the local adult book store and put in an application? Cecelia’s excitement about being hired was soon overshadowed by the fact that it’s “just work”. And not all that easy. One thing Cecelia did like about working at the store — whether or not she’d actually admit it — were the regulars: “perverts and creeps” who really misbehaved once they saw a cute girl behind the counter. What’s this all lead up to? Well, in addition to jerking off the creeps, Cecelia got fired…and walked home after her last shift.

Cecelia Taylor giving Handjobs in Public. She gets Facial Cumshots and walks with cum on her face in the streets. Public sex at Manojob.
Cecelia Taylor for Manojob.

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Ria Kurumi, Cat Ears and Bukkake Facials.

Cute Cum Fetish model Ria Kurumi indulges herself with a bunch of cumshots on her face while wearing a fancy Harajuku costume with Cat ears. The feline Fellatrix, once again in some cold blue and purple neon setting, offers every cock within reach a devoted Blowjob. The gentlemen return the favor by shooting cumshots all over her beautiful and innocent face. An uncensored Facial Bukkake fantasy with a cock and cum hungry kitten.

Cospuri | pure Cosplay porn, uncensored.

Haruka Suzuno | Bukkake Cosplay, Harajuku Facials

Japanese Fetish sensation Haruka Suzuno 寿々野美花 gets facialized in this kinky  Bukkake Cosplay porn. An uncensored Cum and Facial Fetish video from Cospuri featuring the Tokyo-based actress getting an endless stream of cumshots on her beautiful face. Dressed in a fancy Harajuku costume and black stockings, she finds herself fenced by cocks, savoring the sperm that is showering the aroused girl. … go see