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April has become a seasoned vet at Kink, and today she flexes her abilities a little more. She begins in an inverted ankle suspension with her arms box tied and out of the way. Johnny has her at just the right level to take advantage of her slutty mouth. He paddles and spanks her perfect ass before going balls deep down her throat with his cock. April loves her throat fucked, and wants to cum for Johnny to show her submission with squirting orgasms. In the next scene, April is suspended again, but this time on her side with one of her legs pulled up out of the way. Her holes are perfectly available for Johnny to do as he wants with her slutty mouth and pussy. Johnny continues to torment her throughout the scene, but making sure her holes are abused as much as her body. The floor is soaked from all of April’s squirting, and we’ve got one more scene to go. In the final scene, April is restrained with leather belts around her arms and legs rendering her completely helpless. Johnny uses her holes one more time before covering her body with his cum, and reminding April that she will always be his little slut.

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April Olsen: Helplessly Bound, Fucked and Flogged in Suspension. A nude girl tormented by Johnny Castle in a BDSM video for Kink, Brutal Sessions.
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Dirty blonde siren Sheena Shaw performs a nasty solo spectacle: First, she crouches on all fours and shakes the bushy toy skunk tail lodged in her sphincter. Clad in strappy black fetish attire, the lithe, natural-bodied beauty plunges a long-stemmed gourd into her tight asshole! Sheena slurps on the phallic fruit’s shaft with greedy, ass-to-mouth fervor. She stuffs her pussy with more prick-shaped produce. Next, Sheena stretches her anus with a colossal latex dildo. The kinky lady chews up jelly cake and then lewdly spits the masticated mess into a pumpkin, to mix with its pulpy marrow. She squats over the pumpkin’s open top, her crinkly asshole dropping toy balls inside. Sheena makes a spectacular mess, pouring out the jack-o-lantern’s sloppy contents and letting the seedy mush gush over her body! This irrepressible fetish adventurer fists herself, cramming her bunched hand into her butthole wrist-deep! Sheena scoops handfuls of the gooey squash from her pumpkin, smearing her face, torso and perfect butt with the sticky gunk.

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Sheena Shaw, Pumpkin porn perversion. A nude girl fucks ans fists herself with vegetables and her hand in a messy masturbation video.
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Aya Komatsu & Saki Kawanami , the Sperm Lesbians of Cum Fetish, feed their sweet tooth for Sperm in a Group Gokkun performance for SpermMania. The nude Japanese Idols suck eight cocks in a row and share the cum sisterly in wet cum swapping kisses before they swallow the cum.

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Katie is a full fledged bondage slut who loves all things BDSM. She made a request to be topped by Johnny Castle because they have some chemistry. As soon as they arrive on set, the chemistry is evident, so we get Katie tied up and prepared for Johnny. She begins with one of her legs pulled up high, leaving her cunt completely exposed. Katie’s body is pulled in every direction to render her helpless, and Johnny can’t wait to brutally dominate her. Katie knew they had chemistry, but had no idea that Johnny was so aggressive or dominant, but it’s too late now as Johnny unleashes on her. She is fucked in brutal positions that she can barely handle, suspension bondage, and finally on top of a wooden fuck box. All day Katie has to endure his sadistic hands at play while he fucks her pussy and throat, but in the end, Katie is the one that gets exactly what she wants.

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Katie Kush and Johnny Castle: Tormented Bondage Slut. A BDSM Bondage sex video with a nude girl brutally fucked in suspension.
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The guys at Cum Fetish and Bukkake studio SpermMania don’t waste their time by developing fancy titles for their films, instead they simply use a clear description. Thus, this Cum Lube Sex extravaganza carries the same title as this fine performance by California actress Kristen Scott. The main difference is an additional boy for Kristen, counting the cumshots up to eleven. Otherwise it is exactly what you expect. A nude Kristen fucking while her pussy is drenched with cum. A delicious Nakadashi delicacy. … go see