Nagi Tsukino

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Nagi Tsukino is a Bukkake, Cosplay and Cum Fetish model from Japan.Charming Nagi Tsukino started her career as an adult performer as soon as she was of legal age. The petite girl from Japan quickly conquered the hearts of Cosplay porn and Cum Fetish fans with her cute, innocent appearance. Dressed as a schoolgirl with cat ears and fluffy cuffs or as a kinky blue-haired maiden she can easily handle dozens of cocks in classic facial Bukkake performances. She performs with girls as well, often in Cum Fetish scenarios where she feeds herself with Creampie Cunnilingus or share the sperm in passionate cum swapping kisses. She has a knack for Shibari Bondage and her orgasms are sparkling, squirting fountains of lust. A Hentai fantasy made flesh.

Her measurements are B84-E W60 H86 and she is 161cm tall.

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Cute Cosplay kitten Nagi Tsukino, wearing her signature Cat ears, becomes a delicious sex slave in this cosplay porn from Cospuri. Bound in Shibari Rope Bondage, chained and collared, she is face fucked, facialized and finally forced to orgasm with a wand vibrator. Nagi offers a great performance as the innocent girl turned fucked sex pet.

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Feline Fetishista Nagi Tsukino fills her sweet mouth with nine cumshots in a row in this Fellatio Fetish film from SpermMania. While wearing her signature mix of schoolgirl uniform and furry cat ears, the charming Fellatrix kneels on the ground, her mouth wide open for any cock within reach. A kinky Blowjob, Cosplay and Cumshot fantasy.

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Newcomer Nagi Tsukino enacts the shy and naughty schoolgirl with an extra dose of cosplay. Her schoolgirl uniform is complemented with cat ears, a fluffy tail and furry cuffs, making her appearance as kinky as she is cute. While looking at you with this You want me to do what!? glance, she flashes her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. As you would expect from such a horny honey, she starts rubbing her clit at the table edge before masturbating in front of you, sitting on the table, her legs wide spread. Back to school.

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