Creepy Clowns | Horror Clowns

The rising interest in Clown Porn, Clown Gangbangs and all kinds of kinky videos featuring creepy jesters is probably not so much a specific fetish for men with red noses but rather a moment of Zeitgeist. In Autumn 2016 random creepy clown sightings took place all over the U.S and soon spread over to Europe. The Scary Clown phenomenon received a lot of media coverage and triggered a whopping 213% rise in clown-related NSFW movie searches on big porn portals. These statistics also revealed that women are 33% more likely to search for clown porn than men. The adult industry, always trying to fulfill any new fantasy, reacted quickly by shooting circus orgies and crazy clown gangbangs with funnily costumed, yet spooky guys.

The rise of clown porn might be, from a psychological point of view, a sign of the times. In a time of uncertainty, of violence and dangers, one may find a feeling of security in a fantasy where the most angst-inducing danger is a spooky guy with a red ball on his nose.

Whatever led you to this tag, have fun :)