SingleChair | Raw Faces


Harsh Vulnerability | Naked Expressions

The nude portraits of SingleChair

Entering the world of SingleChair is a contradictory experience. At first, one is blown away by the raw, bold and obscene beauty of his imagery. But behind the layer of erotic horror and sexual gore (as one visitor describes it) exists another dimension. A much more calm and contemplative world, still excessively sexual and brutal, but on a deeply psychological level. Even his most explicit images are rather portraits than pornography. These portraits are literally so close that one wonders if he really uses a camera. Maybe he’s a ghost, a curious cloud that embosomed his models while remaining invisible. He regularly praises his models, “People who aren’t intimidated by raw, real, challenging work. People who aren’t afraid to see what happens when you explore a feeling or an impulse or a tendency.”
Indeed, these incredible intense images wouldn’t be possible without models, willing to be completely vulnerable and exposed. This strong relation, an act of love itself, transports itself unfiltered into the eye of the spectator, making him/her a secret partner in lust. SingleChair’s photographs capture this magical instant where a single image tells what was before and what will happen.

Frozen frames of unbearable intimacy.

If these images tickle your curiosity to model yourself, SingleChair is always looking for collaborators.  (He is also offering private shootings)

You don’t need to be a model to support his work, you can also buy selected prints at his shop.