The Sexual Disgrace of Lydia Black

Lydia Black, Chained, Flogged, Forced to Suck.

Lydia Black needed an attitude adjustment, not because she’s tattooed, pierced and gauged all over, but because of the gleeful grin and twinkle in her eye she has when Master Bruno slaps her around at the beginning of this scorching hot session. Clearly she’s a rebellious sort, and will require thorough domination and an extra helping of punishing rough sex to bring her into compliance. A nasty set of rusty chains bind Lydia’s wrists and heavy metal slave collar between two railroad ties while Bruno begins by finger blasting her cunt with gloved hands while also slapping her face repeatedly. Bruno shoves his big hung cock deeply into her mouth giving her no choice but to give him a deepthroat blowjob which evolves into a free-for-all face fuck. Next, he unchains her wrists and bends her over one post and bangs her hard from behind, stopping occasionally to light up her skinny ass with a black leather flogger. Pain Adict Lydia loves it! And that’s just the beginning. Wait until you see the last half!

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