Dark and rowdy LBFM babe Kim.

They just don’t make enough girls like this, Kim here has that dark and rowdy “I screw for money” look that we love here. This chick is by no means a professional except for her activities at the go go bar but she does a pretty good performance on HD video and after a few performances I would think she will be really good in front of the camera.

Is it possible to do a self shot sex video? Let’s find out!

Over the past year we have been getting a ton of submitted pics of this chick which she says have all been shot by her boyfriend. Well today we see they have gone a little bit farther and in what seems to be an alcohol fueled fit of passion they have actually managed to movie themselves in the bathroom. These are a few preview pics taken from the video. The video itself is white hot and is now online in glorious HD.

Cat eyed and exotic LBFM stunner Mable does some nude studio shots.

If you follow our blog here then you are no stranger to Mable and it’s clear that she is one of our fave girls by far. In general we tend to post her more spectacular explicit pics and videos (remember this explicit series of her) or (maybe this one)? So it’s time we step back from her more sexual stuff and take a look at something that shows off her exotic and spectacular looks.