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Haruka Osawa decided to move out of her parent’s home and find a job, so she could pay the rent without their help. Her plan was good, but she didn’t know that finding a job that can provide enough of money for all expenses she is used to making- is very hard, so either she will need two jobs at least, or she has to find another way to cover if not all, then at least half of her expenses in some other way. The biggest expense she has is the rent and she is not sure how to pay to her landlord once he comes to get it, but she hopes that she will think of something. Her idea, for now is to offer him a blowjob, or even to spread her legs wide open for him and let him fuck her, if that will do the trick for her, to skip giving money to him. It looks like he was in the mood to negotiate, because he is already drilling her bushy pussy after he was touching it gently, to check how wet it became while he was stimulating it with a vibrator, right after she gave him a blowjob. Haruka Osawa is enjoying her first casual sex adventure and considers the idea of doing the same with other people she is dealing with on a daily basis, so she would keep most of money she earns for herself. It is not clear if she is going to start charging for her sex services, but it is clear that she likes having sex with various guys, all the time.

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Hot Japanese cougar Hiroko Akashi

Once a woman needs a good fuck, she should get it, just like Hiroko Akashi, a well known cougar got it from her husband, as soon as he came home from work. She was wearing her purple swimming suit, but he didn’t even care to take it off, before he started warming her up for the fuck she wanted. First, he gently moved the part that was covering her hairy pussy to dip his fingers inside it and push a small, pink vibrator inside her, too, for the extra touch. She liked it and soon she was rubbing her small tits while changing the position, because her plan was to suck her husband’s dick before they get to the main part of their games in bed. Even though both of them were eager to get down and dirty with each other, they were taking it slow enough to build up the tension until it reaches the proper level. He gave her the final pussy lick before he entered with his rock hare meat stick and fucked her dirty brains out wanting to make her scream from pleasure. A long time ago, both of them were trying not to be too loud while fucking, so their neighbors would not hear the noise, but from some point on, they stopped caring, because they were too excited to hold themselves back, even when it comes to moans and sighs. All that was important for both of them was that they fuck until they end up exhausted, because they both sleep much better after that.

Junko knows exactly what she is doing with her life

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Great looking milf, Saya Sakurai is always doing some sort of workout, because she takes care of her looks and likes to be in a good shape. Since she got bored at fitness classes, she decided to try swimming for a while and see how it suits her. The best part of her swimming classes was a handsome trainer who was available for personal classes, as well, so Saya Sakurai decided to try that option, so she would get to know him a bit better, since she liked him from the moment she saw him for the first time. Every time she would go to class, she felt like he was more and more pleasant with her, but she was not sure if it was only her imagination, or he was trying to seduce her, knowing that she was married for a long time. One day, after they finished their class, he offered to drive her home, so she would not wait for the bus and on their way there, he asked her if she would invite him to her apartment for a coffee. It surprised her, but she took the challenge, since she never did something like that before, and invited him to her place, knowing that her husband will not come home for next four hours at least. It was enough of time for whatever might happen to happen, because she did not want to get caught. As soon as they entered her apartment, he started squeezing her tits and her hairy pussy got wet instantly, telling him that she is available for casual sex every once in a while. They fucked like crazy until they both got completely exhausted that day.