Worship Chanel’s Cunt!

Episode 4: Melody Jordan and Chanel Preston’s final scene is all about the lezdom getting what she wants, Melody turning over all control as an act of worship to Chanel.

Covered with electrosex EMS pads, Melody is restrained in lesbian BDSM bondage to a mattress. But that’s not the end of the devotion Melody has to show. Chanel straps a dildo gag onto Melody’s pretty face, mounts the electroslut’s face for her own pleasure.

Chanel flicks on the electricity in the EMS pads, and Melody’s convulsing pain fuels orgasm after orgasm for the lezdom. Each contraction and squirm from the electro BDSM toys adds to the unique sensation Chanel is treated to while fucking Melody’s face!

| enjoy the pain