nipple clamps

Nipple Clamps fixed at the nipples of Lydia Black's breasts. A BDSM video from HardTied.

Nipple clamps are a sex toy consisting of a clamp made to be applied to the nipples of a woman or a man. It causes pain when attached to a nipple by pinching and by restricting blood flow from an erect nipple by applying pressure and also, when removed, causes pain by the return of normal blood flow.

The main types of nipple clamps are the clover clamp, tweezer clamp, piecing clamp, and clothes-pin style, though any device that applies direct pressure can be used.  The clamps are typically used in pairs and connected by a chain. Weights may be hung from the clamps to amplify the pain by increasing the pressure and pinching. The chain may be wrapped behind a fixed piece of erotic furniture such as a post, so that when the wearer is prodded to jump or otherwise move suddenly by, say, erotic spanking or caning, the pain is amplified by the clamps being pulled, greatly increasing the pinching, or even by being abruptly pulled off, which is extremely painful. Another variation involves attaching to that chain another chain, the end of which is connected to a clamp attached to either the clitoris for a female or a cock ring for a male. This variation is known as the “Y clamps” for the shape of the chain linking all 3 connection points when attached to the body. A selection of excellent clamps of all types can be found and bought here.