Mona Wales

Mona Wales, and Joey Minx as a sex toy mummy, nude in a bdsm bondage video from topgrl.Mona Wales | inspiring a sea of cocks and wetting the pussies

Slender and seductive Mona Wales is a performer, producer and a professional dominatrix. According to her own bio she “has emerged like Aphrodite on the internet inspiring a sea of cocks to be raised high to the heavens and wet the pussies of those who behold her radiance.” The 5′ 9″ tall lady switches with ease between bottom and top, being able to submit like the most submissive slave in one scenario, while becoming a domme without mercy in another scene. Within short time Mona has made her way to the top performers of the BDSM scene, combining the physical grace of a British blue blood with unbeatable lewd lasciviousness.