Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee | Gentle Kink Prefer Queer.

Lorelei Lee, started as a fetish and bondage model at the age of 19, deriving her stage name from Marilyn Monroe’s character in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Her performances, often filmed at the Kink network, alongside her writings of essays and independent films, made her an icon of the queer community. Beside her BDSM videos, where she can be domme or sub, she also appeared in documentaries, like A Tale of Two Bondage Models by Brian Lilla or Public Sex, Private Lives, a documentary about the Kink network. About Cherry, an independent movie written by Lee alongside Stephen Elliott,  starring James Franco, Heather Graham and Lili Taylor, premiered in 2012at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Lee, who identifies herself as queer, has been married to a trans man since 2012.