Public Spanking of a Nude Girl in the Streets.

Nora Barcelona is humiliated in a rainy Barcelona square before being brought to a dive bar and fucked in front of a rowdy crowd.

Part I | Silvia Rubi gives Nora a public spanking in the streets of Barcelona.

Sweet, petite Spanish beauty Nora Barcelona is eager to be put in her slutty place. Silvia Rubi marches her out into a public square and puts her in handcuffs where Nora’s made to perform like a dog. She trots about in the rain, she’s stripped naked, plays fetch, begs for food from strangers, and is ultimately punished with a humiliating public spanking and flogging, all while being photographed and filmed by a steady stream of onlookers.

Part II | Naughty Nora gets her bone in a bar.

Fresh from being humiliated by Silvia Rubi in a rainy public square Nora is brought to a dive bar and finally gets what she’s been begging for. She’s spanked, shocked and paddled in front of a rowdy crowd until her ass is beet-red and white-hot, then she’s handed over to a bar patron and fucked in front of everyone. Once Nora’s been fully humiliated, she’s led outside wearing nothing but shoes, and walks naked through the city streets.

Performers of shoot here: Steve Holmes, Juan Lucho, Nora Barcelona, and Silvia Rubi