Krysta Kaos Caned Without Mercy

Krysta Kaos Is Locked Down And Fisted.

Krysta Kaos describes herself as a huge pain slut, which is a little surprising given what a tiny wisp of a girl she is. Perhaps she is overcompensating with her tough chick tattoos and piercings, but when she is locked down in a hard bondage position and she is getting lashed with the cane, she screams like a girl. She sounds exactly like those those Japanese AV idols — the high pitched whining every time she gets a jolt of pain through her body. And Mistress MISSogyny really has a relentless day planned for the waif pain slut. Right off the bat, she gets locked down on the floor, face down, a bar cutting off movement by her feet and neck. MISSogyny canes the soles of her feet and her ass. The Mistress finally allows Krysta some pleasure, fucking her pussy with a dildo and massaging it deep with a vibrator until she is wet and ready to cum. When her pussy is totally dripping, MISSogyny inserts her fist into her tiny hole and pushes it in up to the wrist! Amazing lezdom fisting for such a tiny body.