Holly Wood and her naked slaves girls

Holly Wood and Reena Sky nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Holly Wood giving her best.
As Reena Sky can attest, time alone in the cage can seem eternal, she must take some type of comfort in any form of interaction. When Holly opens door and strokes her pet, it’s evident that Reena is hungry for attention. How hungry exactly, remains to be seen…Holly wastes no time, Reena is quickly down on her belly, her ripe asshole is lubed and the plug is inserted. Holly takes great pleasure in watching Reena twitch and then she stuffs her pet’s pussy with her strap on…Things don’t get any easier for Reena however, as Holly has a day of intensity in store for her.

Holly Wood | Delightfully dominating innocent girls.

Natural redhead Holly Wood is a Dominatrix from the heart. The long-legged Mistress at Society SM treats her submissive slave girls with lovingly selected ways of torment that create an irrestible intense experience for the subs and the spectator. Dressed in her signature black leather High Heel Boots she has been whipping, flogging, bounding and tormenting many of the most beautiful girls in the world of LezDom and BDSM. Always pushing her helpless bound victims into a state of lustful pain and orgasms.

Her sadistic skills are based on her own experiences as a sub. Holly has gone herself through all the sensual suffering and raw, brutal torments that she delivers to her harem of slave girls.

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Holly Wood and Pepper Kester nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Holly Wood and Pepper Kester.
After a brief respite, Pepper’s then up on one foot. Her left leg is tied high with her pussy exposed. Holly first sends a jolt through her, then comes a whipping tirade followed by the wand. As the vibe is literally smashed against Pepper’s swollen cunt, she trembles and writhes while she cums uncontrollably…
Holly Wood and Pepper Kester nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Next, while she’s spread wide on the bed, Pepper’s little pussy and tits are pinned while Holly toys with her without mercy. Then, her gag is removed and a molten hot 69 session ensues…
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Holly Wood and Ashley Graham nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Holly Wood and Ashley Graham.
Ashley’s a fine young thing with a sweet rack and she just looks like she’s built to please. We’ll see how well she pleases Holly once she’s down on the Dungeon floor taking a cropping across her back with a vibe smashed up against her cunt. Again, Holly is sheer brutal business, she grabs tight on Ashley’s ample bosom and yanks her back by the hair…The ensuing orgasm is deep, primal and strong…
The intensity holds right through the final scene which calls for Ashley roped and suspended taking the brunt of Holly’s vicious orgasmic wishes one last time…
Holly Wood and Trinity St Clair nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Holly Wood and Trinity St Clair
Trinity is such a tiny little thing, it almost seems unfair to watch Holly manipulate her. Her tight, little body is such a playground though, just full of pleasant little surprises. One thing is for certain, and that is on this day Trinity will be pressed outside of her comfort zone and that is quickly apparent when Holly affixes the TENS pads to her torso. As Trinity feels the electricity course through her pelvis, she is awakened to the fact that she is on the verge of a rigorous exploration. An exploration in pain and pleasure, that will show her a whole new world when her journey is complete…
Holly Wood and Sandy Skarsgard nude FemDom Bondage at Society SM.
Holly Wood and Sandy Skarsgard
Here we find Ms. Sandy Skarsgard in Holly’s grips. She starts off in a full suspension from the rafters as her flesh is walloped and worked over with a ruler, before trading off for some penetration… Finally, after what seems like and eternity, Holly reaches for he vibe and plants it on Sandy’s pussy. Sandy, squealing and whimpering is pushed to edge before the the ruler is brandished once again and used to it’s fullest…Sandy then finds herself planted on the floor while she receives some electro-therapy. Worked to submission, Sandy then feels the dong shoved inside her as her Mistress toys with her making her beg for release..Leaving no stone unturned, Holly throughly explores her slave with the device, before once again breaking out the vibe and pummeling Sandy into one last bout of submission…
Holly Wood tortured nude in Device Bondage at Society SM.
Holly knows all about the lustful pain she is giving to her slaves first hand.
When she is arched over on her back, she cums furiously just before the pussy stretcher is affixed. Damon adds a little flavor to things though as he applies an electrical current to her pussy. And despite Holly’s pleas, he runs her through her paces, giving her the shock of her life. Her screams fill the air, yet Damon persists and she is sent into a convulsive state…
Holly Wood tortured nude in Device Bondage at Society SM.
Holly getting inspiration.
Taking it all a step further, Holly is then mounted and spread face down. Nipple clamps are attached and weighted and electricity is once again employed as Damon canes his slave thoroughly. Holly’s screams take on an ear splitting level when he gets to her bare feet, and then she is worked to a blistering, orgasmic finale…