From Worthless To Worthy In Five Mistresses: Episode 3

Divine Bitch: Mistress Felony

Slave: Scout

Mistress Felony, “The Hellraiser,” gives Scout a run for his money on his way to training with Maitresse. Painslut he is, and the CBT mixed with chastity tease and denial is balanced so well between Mistress Felony’s bi-polar approach, going from devilishly sadistic to excruciatingly sexy, and drives Scout wild! Also included is strap-on ass fucking, black leather boot worship, ass worship, dildo gag fucking and squirting!

Who would you like to see train Scout next?!

Maitresse’s Evaluation


  1. extreme ball torture with chastity
    maintain composure during sadistic and sexual situations
  2. expand anal abilities
    stretch ass
  3. useful use of mouth and tongue
    boot cleaning, ass licking, pleasure

Closing assessment

  • cock bulging from chastity belt with any teasing
  • pain tolerance extremely high
  • anal abilities low
  • mouth is used

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