Sexy Asian takes Intense Electro-torture!

Episode 2: Chanel Preston and Ariel X treat Tia Ling like a lesbian BDSM timeshare, with both of them taking turns to see who can make their Asian slave squirm the most!

But Tia must remember that she doesn’t just serve one mistress, but two. Tia’s lesson for the electro BDSM session is to learn to be more devoted to Chanel and Ariel and show them the proper worship they deserve.

With Tia’s spreadeagled legs and hips raised in the air, conductive rubber, grounded by sticky pads, is slapped on her ties and nipples by Ariel and Chanel to make sure she knows the stinging pain of electrosex punishment if she doesn’t adore them properly.

The objects of Tia’s adoration? The electroslut must lick, love and most of all put the feet, pussies and assholes of Chanel and Ariel above all else, giving them pleasure while she endures their pain!

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Anal Inmate

Tia Ling is the new girl in Ariel X’s prison and quickly learns that submission of her asshole is the only way to make it inside. She gets stripped down in the shower room and cleaned out with an enema before getting locked in her cell. Then the warden fucks her ass with toys, strap-on and anal fisting. Finally, Tia is visited and butt fucked by one of the guards who gives her strong orgasms!

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She Said/She Said An Electrosluts Feature Presentation

Felony’s a neat freak. Tia Ling’s not so big about cleaning up after herself. You put those kind of contrasting personalities together, and the electro sparks will fly! And that’s exactly what happens in this Electrosluts feature!

After a hard day at work, Felony comes home to find her apartment in shambles from Tia’s “bad day at work.” Each has a different story to tell, as to who set who off, but the end result is the same, Felony restraining Tia and treats her like her little electrosex bitch!

With the toys and bindings at her disposal, Felony wants to make sure that she leaves a mark physically and emotionally to make sure it never happens again. But will the hardcore (and loud) lezdom lesson cause more trouble than it’s worth? Watch and find out!

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Tia Ling takes Hard Electrosex with Double Penetration!

Episode 3: Tia Ling is hungry for more Lezdom electrosex and Ariel X and Chanel Preston are ready and willing to dish it out and give her the electro-ride of her lifetime!

Tia is free to roam and free to run but chooses to stay and take the intense dishing of electro-strap-on that Ariel X is wielding. While Chanel dishes out the mad-handling, face-fucking, and strap-on screwing as well.

Both Femdoms get Tia ready for her electrosex rollar-coaster of a hard pounding DP! But the end of this round Tia is left a whimpering ball of worn out flesh!

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