Justine Joli wants to be my Favorite Electroslut!

Episode 3: Justine is trying really hard to prove herself to be my favorite Electroslut! Tied in a back breaking inverted suspension Justine is under great strain. To make matters more difficult I challenge her love for electricity by strapping her to two wired hot copper pipes, one in her arm pits and the other on the back of her knees. But I’m not easy to please, so an even greater challenge is introduced: the Cattle Prod. I really want to see how bad she really wants to be my favorite. I want to know how far she is willing to go to see that look of sheer pleasure on my face.

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Justine is back for Lots of Electro-Orgasms!

Episode 1: Always ready for more, Justine Joli signed up for her third shot at electrosex. I have no choice other than put her through four separate Electrosluts tests. This one, being the first of the four, she is unbound and spread open to take a good hard electro-fucking. She has to use her own strong will to hold herself still as I fuck her with the Violet Wand. She quickly finds out that if she makes any sudden moves the shocks grow stronger and more painful.

Not giving her pussy any time to breath I quickly move from the Violet Wand to the Samurai, a whole different sensation. Justine is just so much fun to push. As the numbers on the TENS unit increase her pussy get more and more wet pushing, her orgasms over that uncontrollable edge!

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Ginger Shock

In your post-Thanksgiving day glow, I present to you a very special Electrosluts. Featuring four girls, including fiery redheads Justine Joli and Ashley Graham, as well as two sexy blondes, Chanel Preston and Lea Lexis, this electrosex holiday update is sure to get you out of tryptophan stupor and make you thankful!!

Chanel and Lea are feeling anything but spirit of the yuletide season, and work out the stress that comes along with this time of year on Justine and Ashley. It’s not gifts that Chanel and Lea come calling with, but zappers, violet wands and sticky pads that shock Justine and Ashley with in this action-packed session!

But Lea and Chanel bring even more toys to bring discomfort and agony to Justine and Ashley, including electro labia clamps, a body plate for the violet wand which sends a shock through their bodies when they’re fucked hard with metal dildos! Watch as Justine and Ashley worship and serve Chanel and Lea by squirting, giving into kissing and being zapped by cattle prods while being shocked inside their mouths!

| enjoy the pain