Ear Locked Torture | Luna Lovely in Earresistable

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Ear locked torture | Luna Lovely fixed by her ears.

The cruel masters of the Insex network are true inventors of ever new ways to punish their helpless victims. When they notice the big ear holes of lovely Luna they knew exactly how to put them to good use. See the inventive Ear Locked Torture in the BDSM video Earresistable at Infernal Restraints.

Luna learns she should never have guaged her ears so big.
Luna Lovely’s ears have large guages through them. Large enough for our pipes to impale. Wouldn’t it be lovely to lock her to the ground by her ears? It’s almost earresistable. With her body so vulnerable OT has his way with Luna.

OT likes to tease his victims. He likes them nice and wet while he whips them. To that end he gets Luna all warmed up before he goes in for the real good stuff. Once she’s been thoroughly worked over and she’s riding high OT gives her sweet release.

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